Available courses

A basic mathematics course

The girls will attend career fairs, industry placements or job shadowing during their tenure with the foundation. Women in leadership positions will be invited as guest speakers at Bootcamp sessions where the girls can engage with them and be inspired by their success.

Public speaking courses

The girls will choose books that aim to capture themes that are relevant to their development. Group discussions about friendships, communication skills, positive body image, self-worth and social media will be covered.

This course is about nutrition and cooking for vitality.

Think yoga, drama, cooking demos, career fairs and public speaking sessions carefully curated by experts.

Better management of emotions – Results in less-frequent bouts of anger, frustrations, quarrels, fights, indulgence in lying, cheating, smoking, abusing-drugs as well as managing stress, pain, fear, tensions even heartbreaks, well.

They are establishing and reinforcing a personal identity – a better understanding of personal motivations, strengths, weaknesses, dreams, aspirations and larger goals in life. Setting goals exercise; short term goals to long term—vision boarding session.

Considering the rapidly changing world we live in, young people will need to be adaptable and flexible in order to thrive in the future. Research findings suggest that teaching design thinking to secondary school students is beneficial, and that it enables students to make thoughtful decisions in solving simple to complex problems in their everyday life situations.

The course aims to build a strong foundation in digital literacy and basic programming skills.

The course aims to provide knowledge that lays a foundation for students to build strong money habits early on. For students to master the foundations of financial literacy to set them up for a life full of healthy financial habits, ensuring their future success.

The course aims to provide to give young people the opportunity to experience and develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking and behaving that will be valuable to them in whichever career path they choose. The lessons will help experience and develop their skills and their way of thinking—rather than the specifics for creating a business or starting and running a business.

The course aims to introduce them to skills that enable them to study and learn efficiently. This includes taking notes, finishing homework, concentrating in class, performing in tests resulting in better quality work and improved grades.

This workshop will help you enhance skills needed to confidently and effectively facilitate online learning. You will: 

  • experience being in the online learners’ shoes; 
  • think about, practice and develop your online facilitation skills with other new and experienced online facilitators; and 
  • deepen your learning as you synthesize your observations, reading and online activities in your journal.